Recent LETS News And Events

    LETS in Berkshire has been running for over 20 years; this is just the stuff that's happened in the last couple of months.

    We're not able to do live events at the moment but trying out on line get togethers is off to a good start!


     MAY 2020
       An interesting repair trade in May (carried out with suitable distancing) was a patio table which had originally looked like this.
       Unfortunately it was left outside in the Winter and did something really odd. The outer frame sprung apart, separating one of the interleaved joints. Afterwards it contracted back again but with the ends overlapping.
       You couldn't push it back apart by hand and we didn't want to wait until next Winter but using a sash clamp inside out gave enough clearance to realign and assemble the joint.
       All it needs now is a bit of paint and it'll be as good as new.
     APRIL 2020
     On Thursday 30th we did another Coffee Morning on Zoom as the first one had gone so well
      In spite of the lockdown there's still some trading going on. This strimmer had got a load of grass and grit in its motor. The owner dropped it off as part of a shopping trip. Unfortunately the motor was trashed but we were able to find an online supplier. It took a couple of weeks for the replacement to arrive but once it did the working strimmer went back on the next shopping run.
       On Friday 17th we had our first Coffee Morning on Zoom
    March 2020
     The 4th March Bracknell Meeting at Foxes Den
      At the March Meeting Phil Murphy gave a really interesting talk on medical imaging. It was centred on his speciality MRI scanning but included a range of other techniques from old fashioned X Rays through CT X Ray scans and modern highly portable Ultrasound scanners.
      Amongst various trading at the meeting, this garment with shortened sleeves was handed back.


    February 2020
    On 26th February there was a Coffee Morning at SHP
       Here's a view of the February 5th meeting in Bracknell
      During the meeting there was a pancake making session. Members could buy pancakes for Bricks plus a small contribution towards the ingredients.
      Trades during the month included  these expertly pruned fruit trees.
      Another trade was reconstruction of broken hinges on an oven door. The top hinge shows the problem. It's a mystery how the designer thought the feeble fork thing in the middle would take the pressure of that fat spring, and a miracle it hadn't collapsed before. Repaired hinge below has a solid piece of recycled metal rod instead.
      It took two goes to get the exact design of the repair right, but the result was a working oven door at a cost of 40 Bricks and no cash instead of £81 worth of parts plus whatever scary amount it would have cost to get them fitted.