Latest Newsletter:


    Dear LETS friends,
    I wanted to write to you to remind you that your LETS colleagues are all still here in these times of lockdown. We may not be able to go to our regular meetings or get involved in trading as normal, but as a community we are still here for each other.
    There are a few topics I would like to bring to your attention.

    1) It is vital to stay indoors if there is any chance you or anyone in your household may have the virus, no matter how mildly. It may be mild to you but if you infect someone else they might be more severely affected. If you are in this situation, you may be worrying about how to get food and other supplies.
    Don’t forget, you can call on other LETS members for your shopping needs, particularly if you are self isolating or in quarantine and have no-one else to rely on. If you need this help and you do not know who is offering this, go onto Facebook or the IO email group to ask, or give Gill a call and she can coordinate finding someone to help you out.
    In addition to running errands for the homebound, we are all suffering from a lack of human interaction. If you would like to have a regular (or even intermittent) call from a friendly voice, then get in contact with Gill and she will find you someone or even several someones to act as a phone-pal.
    And if you would like to volunteer to provide either shopping or a friendly voice to others, give Gill a call as well, and she will coordinate the giving and getting.

    2) Seedling distribution. Some members have offered to start some seedlings (I believe Tomatoes have been offered) for other members. The difficulty here is how to get the seedlings from whoever is germinating them and the recipients, without breaking our lockdown. Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can get the plants from A to B without coming into personal contact? Once again, call or email Gill with your suggestions.

    3) We are looking into ways to socialise remotely. If you have any suggestions, please contact Gill or Gabrielle before 8th April when we are having our Zoom Steering Group meeting, so we can come up with a strategy. I will let you know about the outcome in the next Newsletter.

    4) Does anyone have any interesting things they are doing to while away the time when we are not going out? We’d love to hear from you.